About Kootenai County Substance Abuse Council

The Kootenai County Substance Abuse Council, formed in 1983, is a nonprofit association of civic leaders, educators, law enforcement and concerned citizens dedicated to reducing substance abuse in Kootenai County.

Executive Director: Tammy Rubino
Chair: Tomi McLean
Co-Chair: Peter Goodwin
Treasurer: Gina Strobel
Secretary: Gina Strobel

We Need Volunteers

Has your life has been impacted by an impaired driver? Especially if you have lost someone, we need your story. We are always looking for speakers for our Victim Impact Panel. Re-living such a loss is painful but so very beneficial as KCSAC strives to educate the public regarding the consequences of drinking, drugging and driving. For me personally, it has been one way to honor my daughter, to try to bring something purposeful from such a devastating loss.

If you have something that you would be willing to share, please contact Anita Kronvall, executive director, at (208) 773-2118 or kcsac2016@gmail.com.